+ What causes my earth leakage to trip?

+ What causes a single pole circuit breaker to trip?

+ Why does my globe keep on blowing?

+ No power in house and no circuit breakers are tripped

+ Lights working and plugs not working

+ Half my house has got power and other half not

+ Electrical burning smell in distribution board

+ Power trips when it rains

+ Geyser cold

+ Oven and hob no power

+ Air con is dead

+ TV screen no picture or blue screen

+ DSTV Decoder scans no signal

+ Air con not getting cold

+ Gate or garage door not working

+ Do I require a COC for an electric fence?

+ Can I be held liable if someone is injured by an electric fence

+ What is the cost to install an electric fence

+ Do alarm systems really work?

+ Are alarm systems a good investment?

+ I have insurance, why an alarm system

+ Who is allowed to install and work on auto slide gate motors?

+ What happens if there is a power failure how I open my auto gate?

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